Kids Cot & Bedding
Colorful Kids' Stackable Cots
  • Taiwan of Origin
  • Can Be Stacked
  • PVC Netting
  • Durable And Unique Design
Main Export Markets
  • Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe
  • Australia
Red / Apple Red / Orange / Yellow / Light Yellow / Green / Light Green / Navy Blue / Sky Blue / Purple / Pink / Beige


Product Length
CB003DS 120cm
CB003D 133cm
CB003DL 144cm
Product Height
CB003DS 12cm
CB003D 15cm
CB003DL 26cm
Individual Packaging Details (Inner Packing)
Plastic bag
Net Weight
3.9 kilogram
Buying Quantity of Master / Export Carton
42 Pieces
Buying Packing Type of Master / Export Carton
Plastic bag
Selling Quantity of Master/Export Carton
42 Pieces
Master/Export Carton Size

(Length * Width *Height)

CB003DS 120*58*12cm
CB003D 133*58*15 cm
CB003DL 133*58*26 cm
Tubing Size
2 x 112cm
C2 x 37.5cm
Master/Export Carton Volume Cu. Meter
0.09628 cubicmeter
Quantity per 20 Foot Container
672 Pieces
Quantity per 40 Foot Container
1512 Pieces
Delivery Method
By sea
Other Information
Total-assembly: 42 pcs/stack/58'
1 pc/ctn; 2 pcs/banded/1.6'
Bulk pack

Trade Information

Payment Terms
T/T; L/C
Delivery Lead Time
30 Days
Delivery FOB Port
Taichung Port, Taiwan

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